Apple iPad Available In Russia

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Translations are always fun to read. Here is a recent Russian announcement of the release of the Apple iPad and the translation (by Google) into English.

If you’re practicing for the part of a Russian in an English movie, brush up on this:

“On the same day will start selling the Apple store”

“Customers who have committed reservation”

“Many buyers to wait out precisely the configuration”

Here is the complete translation

Customers who leave pre-order will receive planshetniki April 30. On the same day will start selling the Apple store in the U.S..

Apple has launched the first deliveries of new models of Tablet PC iPad, equipped with a wireless module 3G, customers who have committed reservation. In the U.S. stores the device will be on Friday April 30 at 5 pm.

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According to experts, the popularity of iPad 3G will be available at the same level as that of the younger version planshetnika, or even surpass it, as many buyers to wait out precisely the configuration that is capable of working with mobile networks of third generation.
In Europe, iPad, as expected, will arrive late due to the fact that the number of manufactured computers are not able to satisfy customer demand, sales of the device there would only be May 10.

You can read (in Russian) the article here.

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