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”Exquisite Things to Photograph… Right in Front of You“

In my travels over the years, I have greatly enjoyed the people I have met and places I’ve seen. I always find it fascinating. Although we photograph people and objects, it is their textures and colors that make them come alive. The face of an old herdsman, the moss lining a stream, the blue ice of winter. It is a never ending kaleidoscope of beauty. People and their land. Mountains, rivers, valleys, deserts. Lush, verdant, brittle, and dry. The urban street scene, with it’s hard push. Food, vendors, steel. All of it; A feast to the eyes. A photograph is something you can always bring back with you. Photography is a wondrous thing. It is simply magic. That is why so many people are drawn to taking photographs. Picture a world without photography, and you will see the enormous impact it makes.

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When traveling, deciding where to go next is simple. Get a local map, then while at breakfast, drop a coin on it. Go there. This has worked well for me most of the time, and I have discovered some marvelous places.

”The Border Guard With The Machine Gun, Didn’t See The Handgun On The Seat… Sledded Down The Bobsled Run At Night, High In The Swiss Alps.“

I have traveled to some far away places, occasionally finding myself in inhospitable environments. I’ve fallen in a crevasse in Canada’s great Columbian ice-fields, sledded down a bobsled run at night, high in the Swiss Alps, and while hitchhiking in Yugoslavia, found myself in a truck smuggling contraband across the border. Good thing the border guard with the machine gun, didn’t see the handgun on the seat of the truck.

As always, I would watching everything around me to capture in my mind the essence of that moment. A camera was always a dilemma. Breath in the moment to etch in my mind, or risk losing the experience, fumbling with a camera.

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Whenever I have returned home from an adventure, I’ve always felt a bit lost. Gone were the exciting new vistas, magical moments, and mysteries of travel. And yet at home, whenever I open my eyes, all around me were these same things. Being a great photographer does not require a travel to distant places. Photography is wonderfully suited to capturing the mood around you. Look and study and you will find exquisite things to photograph right in front of you.

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When the iPhone arrived, Apple had created photographic magic. The iPhone camera has given me more freedom than ever before to watch, absorb, and enjoy, while at the same time, have a handy, simple photographic tool in which to capture the moment. And because I can take a photograph at any moment, I can dive in deeper and faster into the world around me as it passes by. Yes, the iPhone is great to take casual pictures of friends and family. But it can be so much more than that. I believe in photography as art and the iPhone as an artist’s tool. I’ve taken tens of thousands of photographs with my iPhone in the past two years. Most of them get deleted, but every once in a while, what I have documented is worth keeping. I enjoy my photographs, for they remind me of times past, things familiar, and inspire me to future adventures.

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It’s a challenge to take great photos with the iPhone camera . Compared to most any digital camera, it doesn’t stand up as a camera. But the integration of the iPhone camera, the internet, and the hundreds of camera App’s has made it truly a mobile photographic workstation. This brilliant connection of technologies makes the power of the iPhone reach far beyond the camera itself. iPhone photographers have won awards, and exhibited in galleries across the country. There are thousands of dedicated iPhoneographers around the world, shooting exclusively on their iPhones and have found a most imaginative way to express themselves. For some, it is not only a hobby, it’s a way of life. iPhoneography is challenging, addicting, and just great fun. Whether you use an iPhone 3GS, 3G, or 2G, you will always have a great photographic tool in your pocket. And now, the iPad, with a large, beautiful screen for working on photos, is a great new addition to a mobile photography studio.

On the site you’ll find my iPhone photo galleries, and articles on photographic techniques. In the blog, you’ll find iPhone & iPad news, iPhone Tips, and App reviews.

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Each iPhone photo gallery on the site can be viewed on any computer browser, Mac or PC, and on the iPhone as well. The galleries are best viewed in ‘Full Page’ mode. Every photograph and video on the site was taken with an iPhone. Every iPhone image was edited solely on the iPhone itself. Photography has transformed and enriched my life. What you will see on these pages, is my attempt to capture the magic around me. I hope you will enjoy the photographs. Perhaps they will inspire you to go out and capture the world around you, and create stunning photographs.

Norm Zarr
Portland, Oregon

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