Music Video Shot On iPhone

“I Pulled The Camera Out Of My Pocket And Fired It Up … That Was So Cool. Man, We Were Really Impressed”

Director Tom De Nolf  has plenty of 35mm film cameras and other high end gear gear. However, he found the video capabilities of his iPhone 3G S to be so good, he decided to put it to the test and produce this video of Kirk Thurmond using three iPhones.

De Nolf, whose clients include Honda, AT&T and Michael Phelps, shot the video in 4 hours. He used some stands for the iPhones, and a MacBook Pro for playback. The final video was composed on a Mac running Final Cut. To get numerous camera angles of Kirk, he originally wanted to use 10 iPhone, but settled for three, when that was all he could find on short notice. He used his own, and one each from the producer and the director of photography. “I pulled the camera out of my pocket and fired it up … That was so cool. Man, we were really impressed”, he said. De Nolf especially liked the fact that the iPhones memory allows you to shoot large amounts of video without having to mess with memory cards. He also likes the iPhone’s touch screen exposure control. De Nolf stated that he plans to do more shooting with the iPhone.

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