Russian President Dimitry Medvedev Using An iPad

не собирается закупать iPad для российских чиновников.

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OK, so you don’t read Russian. But you surely recognize the iPad name.

The iPad is quickly becoming very popular overseas, a hot commodity, not only to celebrities, but to world leaders. Recently Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was seen using an iPad, to run his government, while stuck in New York during the Icelandic volcano eruption.

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The iPhone has been popular in Russia. Due to a high price, sales have been modest compared to other European nations, but you see many Russian celebrities and elite sporting iPhones, acquired from the gray market. Now, the iPad has become a must have high-tech device. Russians like the latest in technological wizardry just as much as Americans, and they love Apple products.

In an article from Life News in Russia we see Russian President Dimitry Medvedev using an iPad at a recent meeting of the presidium of the State Council, the Council on the Arts, and the Council for Science and Technology in Ispra.

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President Medvedev was at the meeting to discuss his support for electronic book readers. He illustrated this by holding up the iPad as an example of this new technology. According to the president, if young people have a desire to read with the electronic media, it should be encouraged.

Medvedev initially said he found paper books “much more pleasant”, and at first, he found the iPad “impossible to read,” but later found it “very comfortable”. He downloaded his first e-book, the classic Russian novel “A Hero of Our Time” for his son to read.

The iPad Medvedev is seen using, actually belongs to his aide Arkady Dvorkovich. “Yes, this is my iPad, I borrowed it for the duration of the president.” I got if from “friends from America”. The article notes that other assistants to the Predident have already gotten their iPads.

Office of Presidential Affairs Minister Viktor Khrekov hinted that the government may bulk-order iPads for government officials after an evaluation period. “We are studying all the new items that appear.”

The article also describes the iPad as having a “Razor-thin electronic board.”

Read the story here in Russian and see the video

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