Italian Justice Minister Uses iPhone During Television Show

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The number of heads of state and politicians who use iPhones and iPads continues to make news. Recent government officials seen using Apple products include Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, Russian President Dimitry Medvedev, and Korean Culture Minister Yu In-Chon.

Earlier this week, while appearing on a prime-time television show, Italian Minister Angelino Alfano used his iPhone and app Codici and Leggi to quote an Italian law. During the debate on wiretapping, Mr. Alfano, used his iPhone to read the contents of the measure in discussion, stricter regulation of the Interecettazioni telephone system. The show being broadcast was called Domino Effect.

During one quibble, with the president of the National Association of Magistrates, Alfano pulled out the iPhone saying “Excuse me here but I read all the iPhone” then began reading the rules governing eavesdropping. The Italian news report said that Mr. Alfano takes the iPhone wherever he goes and has the law documents always with him in electronic form. Mr. Alfano’s iPhone sported a case with a patriotic Italian flag tricolor band on the back.

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