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The iPhone is not quite three years old. Yet in that short time it has revolutionized the cell phone industry. Today, there are dozens of iPhone look a-likes, and to even be considered a serious smart phone contender, a phone must have a touch screen, similar to that pioneered by Apple in the first iPhone.

Apple just recently released their Second Quarter 2010 Earnings, and the results are very impressive; Total sales of the iPhone-iPod touch are over 85 million units.

I can’t say enough about the iPhone, and the many uses I’ve found for it. It has made my life easier and just more fun. I take photography seriously, and for me, it’s become a complete digital photographic workstation. I love taking photographs with the iPhone. It inspires and demands the most of me to capture and document my world in an artful way.

If you haven’t yet seen my iPhone Photography Galleries, take a look:

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In celebration of the upcoming 3rd anniversary of the iPhone and the release of the new iPhone 4G-G4-HD (whatever it’s called), I thought it would be a fitting tribute to give our readers a glimpse of what the Apple Store looks like in several native languages from around the globe.

Thanks to the iPhone and the extraordinary technological achievement by Apple, there is now an immense community of people worldwide, who ever day, accomplish things on their iPhones that just a few years ago, would have been considered something out of a science fiction story.

Take a moment to reflect on what this miniature wonder has pioneered, and how many people it has affected in so many exceptional ways.

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