Another Lost Next Generation Apple iPhone 4 Prototype - Video from Vietnam

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In another exciting episode in the saga of the lost iPhone prototypes. Did I say prototypes? A new video and photos of an Apple iPhone 4 Prototype has surfaced on a Vietnamese website, The iPhone was purportedly bought by a Vietnamese businessman for $4,000 (a bargain these days…)

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It looks like a newer version of the prototype recently lost by Apple, and could be closer to the final production model. This unit has eliminated the bottom screws noted on the earlier unit. This would fit into the clean design model that Apple like to follow. The previous unit also had ‘XXGB’ inscribed on the back. This unit clearly says ’16GB’. The new sleeker, slimmer industrial design, matches that of the iPad and all the new MacBooks in the Apple line.

In the video the unit appears to be on and running a “Bonfire” test routine.

Taoviet disassembled the unit revealing what looks to be the same or similar Apple designed A4 processor found inside the iPad. It also appears to have the same micro-SIM card that the iPad uses. There are other similarities to the unit that Gizmodo showed, including the same LED camera flash and N90 code marking.

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If this is indeed an actual Apple iPhone prototype, it remains to be seen what kind of introduction Apple will deliver when it launches this year’s new iPhone model introduction, probably in June. With photos of the new iPhone already seen around the world, and many of the secret hardware improvements already revealed, it will be a challenge for Apple to come up with a fresh and exciting presentation. We have some ideas, but that’s another story.

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The reason the iPhone is such a fabulous device is not the hardware alone. The iPhone excels because the unification of the hardware and software creates a fabulous mobile photography workstation. It simply can’t be beat. I wouldn’t hesitate to take my iPhone as my sole camera on an expedition anywhere in the world. Set my iPhone for continuous shooting, strap it to my chest, and get some amazing photos while mountain climbing, skydiving, or exploring the jungle. The new iPhone with improved hardware, running iPhone 4.0 OS is going to be extraordinary.

Yes, I will be standing online the day the new iPhone comes out. Can’t wait to get my hands on one right away. Except this year, I won’t be standing. I just bought a really comfortable portable canvas lounge chair that I will be relaxing in as I do my photo shoot and blog of the release event here in Portland. In fact I just pulled out my chair and sat down. Can’t get enough of a good thing.

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