New Apple iPad TV Ad - What is iPad?

“It’s Crazy Powerful”

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Once again Apple has brilliantly linked a new product with a terrific, memorable marketing phrase.

Apple’s new TV ad for the iPad, “What is iPad?“, has a different tone from recent ads. The narration is edgier yet the ad is powerful and intimate,stunning video with gorgeous visuals. It provides great context for how people use an iPad, especially for those who think it’s just a big “iPhone”.

The narrator describes what the iPad is, how it looks, and what it does.

– iPad is thin

– iPad is beautiful

– iPad goes anywhere and lasts all day long

– It’s crazy powerful

– It’s magical

– More books that you could read in a lifetime

– It’s already a revolution, and it’s only just begun

This is a great ad, one of the best Apple has ever produced. It will sell a ton of iPads.


iphone photography

iphone photographic


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See the first Apple iPad (2010 Oscars) ad below

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