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In our exposé of Amazing iPhone Gadgets™, we’ve brought you the

  1. HMB-TEC Universal IR Remote Control Power Plug
  2. HMB-TEC EGC Heart Rate Monitor
  3. HMB-TEC EGC Laser Pointer
  4. HMB-TEC Real LED Flashlight & Emergency Flasher
  5. HMB-TEC Real Pocket Fan

For our sixth device, we present the:

HMB-TEC Metal Detector Radar for 3GS – iPad

Unlike many of the gadgets created by HMB-TEC, this one does not require any extra hardware! It’s an app that functions by using the compass sensor of the iPhone 3GS – iPad

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from HMB-TEC: Treasure Hunters Radar for iPhone 3GS and iPad. Take your iPhone – iPad on a treasure hunt! This innovative app turns your iPhone and iPad a highly sensitive metal-detecting device. In professional circles, such measuring devices are known as magnetometers. The integrated 3D compass sensor of the iPhone and iPad serves as a highly sensitive detector for measuring variations of the geomagnetic field, detecting ferrous metals (i.e. iron) and objects such as rings, coins, etc. It’s particularly effective when you attach your device like a “normal” treasure or metal detector on a rod and go close to the earth’s surface in search of treasure. Of course you can use your iPhone or iPad without any modifications as your treasure detector. Note that not all treasures are buried under the ground but they are located in cavities of ceilings and walls of caves and buildings. Treasure hunting with the iPhone – iPad could become your new hobby.

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Here’s how the App works:

As will all HMB-TEC apps, it is totally simple and intuitive. Launch the app and you will see on the upper half of the screen a radar screen, which as in a real radar scanner has a beam rotating in a circle. This process is also accompanied with the sound of a sonar device. In the bottom half of the screen a X-Y-plotter will appear. Check here to see authenticity in the current strength of the magnetic field deviation from the normal value, which is located in the middle of the line chart. Beneath the diagram, the digital displays of the individual values for the X, Y and Z axis of the magnetic field sensor are displayed. The “M” stands for calculated magnitude (amplitude, or strength), of the geometric sum of the individual field strengths. There are variations or modifications of this sum value, which is evaluated by the evaluation logic and which is shown in the XY-diagram.

metal detector radar 3gs iphone ipad treasure

Treasure hunt by moving the iPhone – iPad over places and areas to be investigated and observe both the XY-plotter and the radar screen. Once a ferromagnetic metal object is detected with (from about 10 micro-Tesa) you’ll see on the chart recorder a change up or down, depending on whether the magnetic field is strengthened or weakened. It will be evaluated in the logic of the maximum absolute value of the change. Depending on the size of this value on the radar screen, a “gold bar” is displayed in an appropriate size. The excellent graphical features of the iPhone – iPad yield a very beautiful and attractive display.

Note! This app needs to function with an integrated compass sensor and is therefore only suitable for the iPhone 3G S and iPad (not suitable for iPhone 3G or older models and iPod Touch)

HMB-TEC of Germany has created an eclectic and eccentric collection of hardware gadgets that plug into the 3.5mm headphone jack of an iPhone, and couple with their apps.

Among the devices they make are a heart monitor, microphone, thermometer, stethoscope, pocket fan, oscilloscope, laser pointer, flashlight, breath controller, all sorts of remote control devices, and much more. German ingenuity and engineering leads the way again. The accessories cost from between $20 to $90 US, excluding shipping. The accompanying apps cost between $1 to $5.

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