Solid Gold iPad With 53 Diamonds Limited Edition

Solid Gold iPad With 53 Diamonds Limit

Luxury manufacturer Stuart Hughes has released The solid Gold iPad Supreme Edition.

“Designed and crafted by Katherine Hughes for the elite individual“.

The iPad features a solid gold case with 53 diamonds totaling 25.5 cts. set into the Apple logo.

The case (back and screen surround) is made from a single piece of solid 22ct gold weighing 2,100 grams (over 4.6 lbs). The Gold iPad is Wi-Fi & 3G  – 64GB.

Price: £129,995.00 (about $188,973). Limited Edition of 10 units.

Let’s see, for that price, I could buy about 228 top of the line iPads for everyone in my neighborhood, or feed 236,216 homeless people a meal.

Now let me see. An iPad that weighs more than a MacBook Pro? That you can’t take on the subway? I bet the warranty is even void. And Stuart Hughes can’t correctly spell iPad on their website? I’ll pass on the Gold iPad. Pass the potatoes please.

[via ilounge]

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