iPhone Minimalism

“One of the Most Revolutionary Innovations in Photography in The Last 150 Years.”

The iPhone Is The Perfect Camera

The iPhone is an amazing device. The integration of camera, photo editing software and direct connection to the web makes it a unique platform for creativity.The impact it has made worldwide is profound. Its one of the most revolutionary innovations in photography in the last 150 years.The very concept of photography has been altered. You have a device that takes photographs, but can instantaneously document the world around you like never before. Now that’s something remarkable.

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The Mobile Photography Suite

The iPhone excels because it’s part of a mobile photography system. Grab it and shoot with minimal thought. Crop, color correct, edit the photograph right in the iPhone. Send it by email, post it to Flickr, add it to your website. My iPhone’s with me all the time. I’ve taken thousands of photos with it, and used it in way’s I’d never think of using an ordinary film or digital camera. The iPhone is much more powerful than most people realize. You can take beautiful and inspiring photographs with it.

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I have been an avid photographer for many years. Recently, I put my beautiful 10 MP Cannon aside so that I can concentrate on photographs taken solely with my iPhone 3GS Years ago, I carried my 35mm Minolta camera with me much of the time. It was heavy, hung down from my shoulder, and wasn’t the most unobtrusive way to do street photography. Cameras make people nervous; it was hard to get spontaneous shots. I then switched to a digital camera. I carried it with me most of the time. But now it was in my backpack or briefcase, since it now had other stuff hanging from my shoulders. If I wanted to take a quick photo, I had to pull it from my pack,turn it on, wait for the camera to boot up, setup the exposure, etc. I took great photos, but I shot groups of photos in a session, then put the camera away. It still was hard to capture something quickly.

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Then I got my first iPhone. I carry it with me all the time (since it is my phone too), in my pocket, ready to freeze a smile, fleeting runner, or a flower tumbling in a gust of wind. Using it for a quick shot was so natural. Although my film and digital cameras can take better and higher quality photographs, unless I am doing something that requires that higher resolution, I found that the iPhone just worked a lot better. I’ll use my digital camera for images that I plan to print in larger format, or for action photographs where I need the faster shutter speed. It has many more features, a flash, and lots more control than my iPhone.

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But in the last 6 months, I haven’t touched my digital camera. I enjoy the challenge of using a simpler photographic tool, available in a moment, and the way I can mold the images on the spot. I can dive in deeper and faster into the world around me as it passes by. The iPhone camera has matured since is came out. With a respectable 3MP resolution and auto-focus, it takes superb photos.

The Minimalist Photographer

Why has the iPhone so captured the interest of tens of thousands of photographer around the globe. iPhone photographers have won awards and have displayed their work in prominent galleries.It’s the epitome of simplicity and power combined. Given the hardware limitations of the camera, (low resolution, no flash, slow shutter speed) using the iPhone becomes a challenge to great photography. This is what entices me to use it. There are literally thousands of photographers worldwide, amateur and professional who love taking iPhone photographs. It’s not just a hobby, but a way of life.

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Great Photographers Take Great Photographs

Think about Matthew Brady’s photos from the Civil War. I have one of his original photos sitting on my desk. It is a rare collectors item, a tribute to a great artist, and a piece of American history. Can you take photographs as good on an iPhone. Yes, absolutely.

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The resolution quality of a photo may be determined by high pixel count, but this alone does not make a good photo. A good photo speaks to the viewer. A serene landscape or a disturbing street image, will tell a story more vividly than any words. Good photographs invites the viewer into the world from which the photograph came. It’s the same magic that has been around since 1814, when Joseph Nicephore Niepce achieved the first photographic image. It is possible to take exquisite photos with an iPhone.

The Best Camera Is The One In Your Pocket

Like most people today, your cell phone goes with you just about everywhere. And that’s the reason an iPhone is often the best camera at any given moment. There are also times when you don’t want to conspicuously be seen taking pictures; at a party, taking photos of your kids, candid shots on the street. Natural looking photos require natural looking people.

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I was recently asked to photoshoot a graduation party. It was outdoors, with hundreds of people. I always hate shooting people in events like this, because inevitably when people see a camera, they will look right at it, or make an unnatural expression. I used an App on the iPhone that lets me automatically shoot photos continuously. I set the camera to shoot once every 8 seconds. I simply walked about the party, holding my ‘cellphone’ in my hand. I was able to capture themood of the event naturally, include many more people whom I would have missed. I turned the photos into a slide show, and sent it to the event organizers to post on their website. They were very pleased with the result. The iPhone does so many things. If you haven’t taken a look at the 150,000 (yikes) Apps in the iPhone store, you will be amazed at what the iPhone can do. More than anything the iPhone is capable of doing, it’s camera is is the ultimate tool.

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One of the things that the iPhone excels at is the fusion of camera and the world around it. The more I use it, the more I find it to be a fantastic device. The screen is beautiful and combined with the touch screen, makes viewing and editing right on the phone easy and fun. The 3GS has a great autofocus lens that can also do macro photography. The connectivity via Wi-Fi and 3G gives you instant email, MMS, and internet access.

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