Things To Photograph

iphone photograph gallery

Take Photographs Of…

• People

• Kids

• Portraits

• Street Photography

• Cityscapes

• Buildings

• Architecture & Objects

• Street Signs

• Traveling

• Landscapes

• Sunsets, Sunrises

• Clouds, Storms

• Snowscapes

• Nature

• Flowers

• Animals

• Trees

• Still Life

• Food

• Coffee Shops

• Textures

• Odd & Strange

• Night Life

• Abstracts & Collages

Special Techniques

Learn about Macro Photography.
See what’s happening under your feet.









iphone photograph galleries


Collapse a day into a minute. Speed up the world.
Try some Time Lapse Photography.

Remember those flip books you had when you were a kid, and Gumby? String your photos into something unique with Stop Motion Animation.

Use an App that lets you Shoot Continuously. Start it, wander around. Let your iPhone do the work. See what you get.

”Get Good At Taking Photos…
Get Better At Throwing Them Out“

iphone photographs gallery

Taking occasional random photos is fine, but if you want to find some really interesting material, and practice your art, go on a photography session. Your mission is to take photos. Take your iPhone for a two hour walk. Photograph everything that interests you. Get good at taking photos. Get better at throwing most of them out. Hey, it’s a digital camera, no film, no cost, knock yourself out. If you get one or two great photographs from 100 shots, you are doing good. Photographs that have poor exposure, or tilted horizon can sometimes be fixed. If not, toss them. Photos that are technically good, but are artistically lacking should be tossed, or put into your re-visit these later file. Avoid photograph hoarding. Keep the best. Toss the rest.

Be Professional

Have an eye toward artistic as well as technical excellence. If a photo is not good enough to show someone, without apologizing for an imperfection, toss it. Take pride in your work. A professional photographer may make a living from photography, but a photographer who takes photographs professionally is just as talented. Strive to have photos that will wake people up. Your photos may be beautiful, thought provoking, emotional, shocking, amusing,… Whatever they are, make them great.

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