Laser Engraved Bamboo iPhone Cases By Grove - Exotic, Beautiful, and Totally Cool

The other day, I happened upon some stunning, handcrafted bamboo iPhone cases with laser engraved artwork. These exotic cases are innovative, with scrupulous attention to detail. I also discovered that the folks at Grove, are neighbors of mine here in Portland. Their new company consists of a small team of 5, led by Joe Mansfield and Ken Tomita. The craftsmanship on these exquisite cases is superb. Each case is hand sanded and rubbed with a natural oil/wax that gives the case a nice feel. All the controls of the iPhone are easily reached in the case cutouts. […more]


The Alberta Street Annual Art Hop 2010 Artist Fair - Portland, Oregon - Photos by Norm Zarr

Last week, I heard about the upcoming Alberta Street Art Hop in NE Portland. This was the 11th year of this annual event and although I once lived just a block from Alberta, had never made it over to the fair. I thought this would be a good place to get some photos. I had no idea how large the art fair would be. To my surprise, I arrived to find a kaleidoscopic deluge of people stretched out along 20 long blocks; a perfect venue for photography. This was definitely a Portland event! More interesting than the exhibits and the performers were the people attending. What an eclectic and curious looking group of people (me included). I’ve rarely seen such a captivating group of people in one place. Such color and style […more]


How To Make Your Own Professional iPhone Video or Music Video

The iPhone 3GS was released in July 2009. It’s immediate popularity gave rise to video stardom and an explosion of iPhone video content appeared on the web. Now that the iPhone 3GS has been out for almost a year, let’s backtrack a bit and see how far iPhone Videography has come. The iPhone 3GS does respectable video at 640 X 480 at 30 frames per second. The video quality is surprisingly good. One of the attractions of using the iphone for still and video photography is its simplicity. The iPhone’s small size and weight make it the perfect device for recording video any time, any place. […more]


Photogene Review - Best Apple iPad Photography Apps

Photogene for iPad was created specifically for the iPad and it’s huge screen (8 times the size of the iPhone) Photogene for iPad is a joy to use. It sports the same intuitive interface as the iPhone version. All the great comprehensive features of the iPhone version are here, very powerful control over Levels, Exposure, Color, RGB, Sharpening, Rotation, Cropping. On the iPad, the experience of using Photogene is the closest thing to having Photoshop. […more]


Photogene Review - Best Apple iPhone - iPod touch - iPad Photography Apps

Omer Shoor developer of Photogene says his app “is about improving your digital photos and having fun while at it”. And the app does just that. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and gives photographers a comprehensive set of professional editing tools. One of the best things about Photogene is that it maintains the original resolution of your photograph. This is essential if you want to do anything with your photo beyond creating a post card size image for the web. The app is unique, and takes a different approach to working on photographs than most apps. Instead of a lot of preset filters, Photogene takes a better approach. It gives you very extensive […more]


Photo FX 3.0 Released for iPhone

Press Release from Tiffen

Tiffen® Announces Version 3.0 Of Popular Photo Fx™ Digital Image Enhancement Software For Apple® Iphone® and Ipod Touch Users

Hauppauge, NY – The Tiffen Company, a Long Island based leading manufacturer of award winning photographic accessories, announced Version 3.0 of its popular Tiffen Photo fx™ creative effects software, for Apple® […more]


The iPad For Photography

The beauty of the iPad is its simplicity. It runs the same OS as the iPhone. You use it like an iPhone. As the internet becomes more and more ubiquitous, for many of us, a couple of internet devices are not enough. It was only a couple of years ago that the iPhone revolutionized the internet’s mobility. We now take it for granted; the internet in our pocket! The iPad will do the same thing for communication. A new way of holding a larger, portable internet in our hands. The iPad is very portable. There are times you […more]


Music Video Shot On iPhone

Director Tom De Nolf has plenty of 35mm film cameras and other high end gear gear. However, he found the video capabilities of his iPhone 3GS to be so good, he decided to put it to the test and produce this video of Kirk Thurmond using three iPhones. De Nolf, whose clients include Honda, AT&T and Michael Phelps, shot the video in 4 hours. He used some stands for the iPhones, and a MacBook Pro for playback. The final video was composed on a Mac running Final Cut. To get numerous camera angles of Kirk, he originally wanted to use 10 iPhone, but settled for three. “I pulled the camera out of my pocket and fired it up … That was so cool. Man, we were really impressed”, he said. […more]


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