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norm zarr iphone photography 10.09.19

Taking photos on the iPhone is an absolute joy. I love it. Having been a photographer for years, I find that new technologies give me a chance to see photography in a new way. I find myself taking photographs of more subjects than ever before. One of the things I enjoy photographing is the natural world. Go out and take lots of photos; take it lightly, take it to […more]


The Alberta Street Annual Art Hop 2010 Artist Fair - Portland, Oregon - Photos by Norm Zarr

Last week, I heard about the upcoming Alberta Street Art Hop in NE Portland. This was the 11th year of this annual event and although I once lived just a block from Alberta, had never made it over to the fair. I thought this would be a good place to get some photos. I had no idea how large the art fair would be. To my surprise, I arrived to find a kaleidoscopic deluge of people stretched out along 20 long blocks; a perfect venue for photography. This was definitely a Portland event! More interesting than the exhibits and the performers were the people attending. What an eclectic and curious looking group of people (me included). I’ve rarely seen such a captivating group of people in one place. Such color and style […more]


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