iPhone Nature Photographs - iPhone Photography Of Norm Zarr

norm zarr iphone photography 10.09.19

Taking photos on the iPhone is an absolute joy. I love it. Having been a photographer for years, I find that new technologies give me a chance to see photography in a new way. I find myself taking photographs of more subjects than ever before. One of the things I enjoy photographing is the natural world. Go out and take lots of photos; take it lightly, take it to […more]


How To Make Your Own Professional iPhone Video or Music Video

The iPhone 3GS was released in July 2009. It’s immediate popularity gave rise to video stardom and an explosion of iPhone video content appeared on the web. Now that the iPhone 3GS has been out for almost a year, let’s backtrack a bit and see how far iPhone Videography has come. The iPhone 3GS does respectable video at 640 X 480 at 30 frames per second. The video quality is surprisingly good. One of the attractions of using the iphone for still and video photography is its simplicity. The iPhone’s small size and weight make it the perfect device for recording video any time, any place. […more]


iPhone Quick Tips - Copy & Paste to iPhone Dialer

Here’s a quick tip I just discovered that’s useful when making phone calls. In iPhone OS 3.1.3, did you know that you can copy and paste a phone number into the iPhone’s phone dialer? Just copy the phone number from anywhere on your iPhone, the address book, a note, a website, etc, then paste it into the top of your iPhone dialer. You can also copy a number from the phone dialer to paste […more]


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