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Photo Galleries may be viewed on any Mac/PC web browser, or on an iPhone – iPad.

Our Computer Browser format is optimized to show iPhone photographs in a beautiful large format. There are lots of Navigation options. Here’s a miniature version of a gallery. As you enter the gallery the Slide Show will AutoPlay. You can try it right from here.

  • Click ENTER Full Screen for Full Size
  • Escape to EXIT Full Screen
  • Spacebar Toggles SlideShow
  • Click on Main Image for Next Image
  • Click on Thumbnail to Choose New Image
  • Mouse over Thumbnails to Scroll Up/Down
  • Arrow Keys Move Forward / Back
  • Choose More Galleries at Left

View Galleries on Computer

photo gallery computer

All the Galleries are viewable on an iPhone – iPad. The display is virtually identical to the native Apple ‘Photos’ App, so you’ll be familiar with it.

Use Portrait Mode for the Best Viewing.

  • Choose Gallery & Thumbnail
  • Flick Photo Right or Left
  • Tap Screen to Bring up Controls
  • Center Button for SlideShow
  • Portrait Mode or Landscape

View Galleries on iPhone – iPad

photo gallery iPhone

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